Looking for help with a whitelist

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  • Hi there,

    I apologize if this is the wrong place to ask but I'm a bit stuck.

    I am trying to add a white-list to my server (Minecraft Bedrock Edition) and I am at the part "Player Control" and I'm trying to add people to the white-list. I have requested their names, They are sending me their "gamertags" ... I'm unable to find their UUID ...

    For example: Minecraft UUID / Username Converter This will show me my UUID as that's a "Mojang" account for Java edition but I am unable to find my UUID for "Kimahrironsoxxx" my Gamertag that I now use on the Windows 10 version...

    I have successfully been able to "whitelist" my Java Edition account to the server, But that account shouldn't be able to play on the Bedrock Server?

    I can confirm the server worked with Windows 10 edition also as I was playing on it to test it out with a couple of folks prior to enabling the Whitelist. My Java Edition could not access the server but Windows 10 and even an Android Pocket Edition person could.

    What do I do? ;(

    Many Thanks,