Server problems

  • Maybe someone on here can help me. I bought an Atlas home server and an expansion server 3 days ago. All it does is keep restarting itself and cannot be used. I sent a support ticket day 1 and waited. A couple of hours later I get an email saying it’s been elevated then nothing for 2 days. It’s still not working and is doing the same thing. When I called last night I was told it’s been elevated already there is nothing to do I will give you the time back. That’s fine but right now all I want is to find out how long before I can use a service I paid for/ or at minimum an update on how long. I have seen others saying they have had the same issue and they called to get it fixed, what did you say?

  • Forum Moderators do not have access to servers or accounts. We are unable to advise how long your wait may be.

    We can only advise that tickets are worked in the order in which they are received. Typically it can be 24-72hrs not counting the weekends.