Blackwood xbox, No fishes or anything spawning below the waterline, treasure maps cause client crash.

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  • So I just got a new server, finally got it to people able to connect, it's for cross play steam/xbox I play on xbox myself. We've noticed two things and I'm not sure what's going on. Nothing is spawning below the waterline, resources or fish. Also when you get a treasure map, put it in your hotbar and go to look at it you the game crashes out sending you to the xbox dashboard. Are these known blackwood bugs, or something? I've tried googling it 9 million ways and can't find a thing.

  • Yes i called yesterday about those problems. The fish spawns are low expect for the south west island where the under water city is theres alot. The map crash is another atlas bug. I had to wipe my blackwood and go to a cluster and it caused my ping to sky rocket to 255 after loading back in. Sorry to tell you this, didnt want someone else to wait days before getting help.

  • I just got an update about the treasure maps from a different support ticket I had in. They also said to try a reinstall for the underwater spawns.

    1. Treasure maps have a known issue of not showing up and making the game either
    2. crashing or having issues with it, that should get fixed soon, as for the lack
    3. of wildlife that might be solved with a server reinstall.
  • Crossplay? Do you have a like or info or a link on that? I'm very interested on checking that out.

    What do you want to know about it? In the server settings you can select to enable steam crossplay or not. If enabled steams clients can join your server also so Xbox and steam can play together. However note that since it is a server with Xbox users on it that it must conform to the Xbox standards so you wont have the full options that you might have on a pc only server. This only applies to Xbox Nitrado servers. Xbox users cannot connect to PC rental servers.