Nitrado you have failed me 3 times in 2 months.

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  • Nitrado, you are killing me. After my last payment runs out, I will never pay you another penny. I will tell everyone to avoid. 2 updates in a row, you have wiped my server clean. Dont blame wildcard, you host the server and save the content of my server. The first time was a month ago and my server was active at all times and populated to the point i had to upgrade my server. You wiped my server after an update causing almost everyone to quit my server. My server was dead for a month till about a week ago. Until today, it was finally very active again. But, after the upate today you again wiped my server, cause most people to quit again. I got 9 messages from different players saying the server was wiped and they are going to another server. I work and can't constantly check my server to make sure you didn't fuck it up every minute of the day. Your solution when i call is to roll back the server. Which creates a full day of lost play time. But, it doesn't even matter, everyone quit my server because you are incompetent to the point you ruin the game. So basically, you're going to wipe my server every update and then i have to wait a month to repopulate my server, only to have you fuck it up again. I pay for this? lol! You could at least incorporate auto rollbacks when a server is wiped. Or, how about don't wipe the server? Lol man. You have messed me up 3 times in the last 3 months. I won't even get into having the server rolled back 24 hours when I PAID to upgrade my server from 10 to 20 person. Getting punished by nitrado after giving them more money was hilarious. So lame. Worst server hosting company ever.

  • Server wipes after an update are not within the scope of Nitrado's Control. We don't update the game or control the results of any updates. This would be like taking issue with Nitrado if Wildcard decided to remove Dodos. What we're able to offer is automated backups;

    • Full server backups once a day
    • Internal map backups roughly once an hour when the server is running.

    Are you looking at restoring Full Server Backups? These are the ones that are once a day.

    Please take a look at the "Map Save Backups (Internal Save Game Backups)" which are roughly once an hour when the server is running. This should restore a wiped map with as little rollback as possible.

    I've checked your server and see Map Save Backups roughly once an hour dating back the last few days, with a 12 hour gap where the server wasn't running.

    Please take a look at this wiki article for more detailed information;

  • thanks for responding but it doesn't matter. Take a look at my server. Nobody's playing and nobody has been playing since the server was down for 12 hours yesterday and everyone thought my server was Wiped. So how does this keep happening to me? And what control does wildcard have over nitrado private servers? If you are hosting a server then what responsibility does wild card have and how do they wipe a server that you are running and wild card isn't? Your analogy is fail because if wildcard decided to remove the dodos that would be their decision. You are the one hosting my server, not wild card. You basically ruined My Love of the Game and my server. I've wasted too much money with you. I have no desire to play the game anymore. I paid for a service to enhance my gameplay and it's been the worst experience I've ever had since I started playing video games 30 years ago. I have no desire to log in and play because I will just be playing by myself. And there's no point in having a nitrado server when every time there is an ark update my server will just be wiped and I will just keep losing players. If this is a problem and you were competent you would just have automatic Rollbacks or restores after servers are updated to ensure there is no problems like this. I will go out of my way to make sure nobody ever uses nitrado because I don't want them to have their game destroyed like mine.