Weird Server Issues

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  • After this last update one of our 3 clustered maps is having a very troublesome issue. The map wiped itself, in a way. players were dead, half of the tamed tames had turned wild, and buildings no longer belonged to anyone (trees and rocks were growing through them as well). We shut the server down and restored a back up supposedly from this morning before the update and it sent us back to sometimes YESTERDAY and still had issues with tames and buildings not belonging to people. BUT the tribe logs are still showing actions performed as early as this morning as if the sever had no issues at all.

    I attempted to send a ticket but it says I have one currently open (waiting for it to clear I assume). I don't know what to do at this point, if the backups are not working.

  • If someone has admin capabilities you could always have that person bring the tames back to each tribe. Would take a bit of work to do. Just would need to have the admin get into each tribe and pull the tames and building back using admin commands. I've had to do it a few times. Sometimes the server can get a little wonky after the updates. Have you tried to reinstall the server and the restored from a back up as well?