My server isn't actually shutting down

  • So I pay for a 10 slot Ark server on Extinction, and because it's private to only my friends and not a lot of people play on it I shut the server down when nobody is on it to prevent starving of our dinos and such. My problem is when I shut down the server, nothing happens, if I refresh the web interface page it then says it got shut down, but whenever I check the next day it says it's on as if it never shut down and all our food/dinos have starved. I would love any information on what this issue could be or what I can do to stop it.

    Note: I am using the web interface on my Win 10 PC to shut the server down when nobody is in it.

  • (1)- you dont have to shutdown the server to save the animals. ARKs game engine has it if no one is in the area, the dinos and peeps go into stassis as they call it. If no one comes in my area, I only have to feed my dinos maybe once every 3-5weeks.

    On another note since you asked..

    If you shutoff the server, the maintenance window auto restarts it every day. Go into "automated tasks" and delete the entry you see.