Server IP changed, again and again.

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  • Well... Sometime last week nitrado decided to change my IP without notice at all... Installed, reinstalled... Finally saw what happened. Picked up the pieces and started again...

    Just a few hours ago nitrado decided to change my IP again without notice at all... What happened? I got disconnected... Tried to login again, but what?!? The server isn't there in the list!!!

    So... Reboot and try again... Not on list... Finally see that they've changed my IP so I tried the severconfig... Nope!

    I used to be able to put the IP in that's displayed on the webpanel and log right in... Not anymore!!!:cursing:

  • Hello,

    Sorry that you are having issues.

    One of the reasons an IP will change if the customer moves it to another data center. I am not saying that is what you did. I am just sharing so all that read this will know.

    Also the servers have self monitoring and if they detect high CPU/RAM or something that would require additional resources, the server moves to new HW on its own. And in most cases the IP will change, not always. My ARK servers have done this many times over the years until I figured out this was the reason.

    You may contact Nitrado Support directly if you wish to let them know.

  • FYI: I did not move it. It ran fine for sometime when Alpha 18 came live. Then last week or so it changed IP's on me. Then again earlier today it changed again!

    The system has never required additional resources. I do not see the logic in having a server automatically move because it requires more resources... Especially with the way things seem to be here, you have to pay for those extra resources and I'm pretty sure "we" are maxed out! We got 8 slots on an EPS Pubic and ultimate package and we've been paying the yearly sub. I have been playing by myself since Alpha 18 came out, testing mods and such for when the other 8 of us start to play. They're currently playing a special feature in another game. We used to have 10 players in alpha 17.4 and no issues what so ever! None! The only time the server changed IP's for us was when I moved the server to LA after the other 2 left and that was expected.

    The server/system/Admin's or someone has changed the IP without notice; not once but twice!!! That's what got me upset! I have been a loyal paying customer for quite sometime now, or "We" have been. And because this I am re-thinking of staying with Nitrado...

  • As stated, those were a couple of possibilities. As Forum Moderators, we do not have access to your account or servers so the exact reason we are unable to provide. You may have a HW issue. We would not know.

    My server IPs change at times as well. I agree, it sucks. I have to update coding, registrations at server ranking sites, php scripts. I recommend you contact Nitrado Support.

    Here is their info to contact them:

    Support |