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  • Yea I had the same yes you last week i reports it and they told me they could not do nothing about it I had to wait for the high up people to look at it but I fix my by buying a new server sometimes I wished there was more Service providers on Xbox

  • I'm having the same issue with my NY server, going on 2 days now! called they told me they couldn't help and would put in a ticket for me, got an email this morning said it was resolved, Bu! its not, by any means, they reset my server to a different map and its still rebooting over and over!

  • They don't care lol. I'm just waiting for my 30 days to end and then I'm switching companies. I know its only 10 euros but those were my hard earned 10 euros. These guys dont deserve it for the lousy service I've been getting. If they cant properly host servers they shouldn't be doing it. I'm sick of calling in since this past weekend. I only just bought the server Friday and it has been working for maybe a total of 12 hours since then... No thanks Nitrado. I hear another host has good servers maybe I will switch to them once my 30 days run out.

  • Same thing for me, constantly restarting. Put in a ticket 4 days ago. They "fixed" it yesterday... I get home from work and it's already happening again. So I reopened ticket and now it's back to waiting. Huge waste of time, not to mention all the times I've had to wipe my server.... Its not just the person who is paying for the server being effected, but anyone who joins it is constantly losing their progress as well...

  • Folks,

    Sorry that you are upset. Believe me, Nitrado Support is doing what they can with issues as they can.

    Be aware just like you on some cases, they are probably frustrated with alot of the issues.

    Keep in mind, this game is still in "BETA". That means people will have issues, people will lose bases and so on. The Atlas Forums and Grapeshot constantly remind folks.

    All of the PC folks have gone through this, and still do.

    And honestly it does not matter who the host is, nearly all the issues have been bug or code related.

    I have used about half a dozen other hosts=same results.

    Hosting and Supporting a BETA game is a challenge. But I can assure you that Nitrado is doing their best.

    I hang out in the Atlas Forums to see whats going on. Still so many bugs and coding issues. Hopefully it will get stable.

    Thank you for being patient as much as you can.

  • They need to credit us time for all these issues... I have 4 servers in my cluster/grid and have only been credited a total of 6 days only on the main server. If the main server is down the expansion servers are useless...

    I've asked many times and still only been credited very little time on the main server. This is basically stealing offering a service that doesnt work and not crediting any time back because of all the issues... 30days 4 servers all servers have been up only a total of a week in those 30 days. 20 days at minimum should be added by my count to all servers but this hasn't been done no matter how many times I've asked..

    I've been a loyal Nitrado customer for 3 years now... Im moving to a different company if this isn't done, i highly recommend everyone else to do the same. This is stealing money from us plain and simple.

  • All I can say is on your ticket, you can always ask for a credit. As a customer that is what I do if it is server related and not game related. Personally I never ask for credits for game or coding issues. But thats just me.

    Now lets keep this thread on original topic as posted. Issues with Atlas.

    Thank you.

  • @Ghayes1982 , @Carolanne89-

    Please verify if your server appears stable now from your original posts.

    Looks like the issue has been resolved.

    If it has not, please contact Nitrado Support.

    thank you for your patience. :)

  • Having the same issue. Purchased a server a couple hours ago (NY based server) and it's constantly restarting and/or stopping. Haven't even been able to find it in the server listing yet because of it. I'd be more than happy if they had an option to transfer your server from NY to somewhere else but no dice there.

  • my servers been down ever since we purchased it a week ago everytime i call I get the same bs speal I have not been able to play whatsoever. I was told it failed to instal properly and that they were having issies with the NY servers and told I could buy another server in another location for a quick fix however i cant be refunded my money for the original server I'm literally paying for nothing and getting completely ripped off I got an email that the issue was resolved and it wasn't.. Where the heck is the customer service here??? I understand the games in beta but you shouldnt be charging people for servers if you infact cannot host them you people are literally robbing us blind and obviously i am not the only one...

  • Hi.

    What exactly is going on with your server? Is it shutting down or just not staying running. Also was the ticket done via phone or email?

    It doesnt run it says server has stopped you try and start it and it goes "restarting" and then server stopped again. i originally called and spoke with the support line who submitted my ticket and for a week now this is what i got..


    #10672822: Server not starting

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    Created: 11/03/19, 09:14 pm
    Last Activity: Today, 12:57 pm

    Service: Public Server 10 Slots
    Service ID: ni2400160_1

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    By: You, Today, 06:57 pm

    1. I Recieved an email that this issue was resolved but here it is a week later and nothings changed i havent been able to play on the server i rented since it was purchased.....

    By: Nitrado Support, 11/04/19, 02:20 pm

    By: You, 11/04/19, 03:14 pm

    1. Hello,
    2. Thanks for the support request and the pleasant conversation.
    3. As already discussed, the request was received and passed on to the
    4. appropriate department.
    5. Please be patient and understanding, we will get back to you as soon as
    6. possible.
  • It doesnt run it says server has stopped you try and start it and it goes "restarting" and then server stopped again. i originally called and spoke with the support line who submitted my ticket and for a week now this is what i got..

    Good luck. I have had my request marked as "Solved" and re-opened 3 times this week for the exact same problem with no comments as to what they did... which appears to be nothing. Last night I finally got "the request was received and passed on to the appropriate department." which is at least different. We will see.

  • Just want to give a shout out to nitrado support for the great customer service today after 7 days of not being able to play on our server were now up and running and got an upgrade in slots for the inconvenience thanks to a supervisor in the support dept. Thank you for excellent service! -Customer 😊