Ark Server "Not Responding"

  • My server was running fine today, then randomly I was kicked out. Tried logging in and no luck, the server was not responding. Another player that was on my server left the game to see if it was a issue on my end and the same thing happened to him. I also tried to directly connect to the server via Nitrado and the same error occurred.

    It has been down for 2 hours now and I have checked the wiki page, threads and nothing seems to be helping. I even restarted the server multiple times and also stopped it, started, restarted. Still no luck. As for as I know there was no update today.

    I submitted a ticket, so waiting for them to help out.

    Anyone having the same issue? Is there a fix that can be done on my end? PLEASE HELP!

  • Hi buddy, open your router web interface (The procedure differs for different routers). Disable Steam ports and other ports forwarding you have set. Save your selection and restart your router and PC. Start Ark: Survival Evolved and see is the problem resolved.


    Sloth Smith