Json File error.

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  • Hey,

    Every time I want to adjust the Json file of my Atlas server (Map Blackwood)
    I get that error message that my file is incorrect and / or corrupt.
    I have followed the steps of the wiki to adjust the player stats.

    Is there another solution for this or am I making a mistake somewhere?

  • The json you downloaded for blackwood is only for the config settings you see in the WebUI. It is the format used for the export import of settings which is great if you have multiple server and want the same settings or want to save settings before game switching. You wont be able to edit stats or other things with blackwood until Nitrado allows either expert settings or and advanced page to set this like they currently do with ark.

  • Debug your json file. Mine was SNAFUed and once i fixed the errors everything worked. Full Disclosure....im not running a Blackwood map but crap coding seems to be a major factor for most issues. I used JSON Editor Online - view, edit and format JSON online. Just follow the errors and it's usually a missed " ," or jacked up whitespace.

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  • Blackwood is more of the standard Ark type setup with no JSON config since it uses the classic embedded database like ark did. Like i said before the only JSON you should see is just the json file you get from exporting the general settings and that file is only import / export of settings it doesnt inject any non-webui settings which is why you dont see the line for the .ini overrides like you do with a Atlas ocean type server.