What's up with all the lag after the update?

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  • So after the last update if you don't start in the Freeport grid the lag is horrendous. God help you if you open a bookshelf because it will damn near crash your game. Maps won't work unless you start in Freeport either.

    So what gives? This is getting to be quite the PITA.

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  • I have 3 expansion I am very hesitant to even sail to in fear I will lag out. To me at this point it is wasted money to have unplayable servers and to not get reimbursed for wasted down time because of these issues are besides me. I submitted a support ticket back on 10/21/19 in regards to the map issue and just got a generic "we are looking into the issue" response.

    Even after multiple replies back to them explaining more issues, I still have yet to get a response back in 12 days! Yes game is in beta, but dont rent out servers under false pretenses, knowing there are issues and not reimburse the ppl who are renting servers that keep your company afloat. With out ppl like us Nitrado employees would simply not have a job. Simple business practices, keep the ppl that pay you happy!