Drop on dead not the same xml.file vs ingame.

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  • Hi , since short am running a small 7 days to die server . The problem i have is that when you set the drop on dead = back pack only in the general gameplay settings ,well then ingame it actually drops the toolbelt . So i tried to change with the corresponding xml.file but it says alrdy <property name="DropOnDeath" value="2"/> wich means backpack . Then i tried to fiddle with other drop on dead settings and this is what i get

    server = drop on death ingame =

    everything-------- nothing

    toolbelt ---------- everything

    backpack---------- toolbelt

    nothing----------- delete all

    delete all---------- delete all

    Now how do i get it to set so that it actually drops the backpack ingame ?

    Any other 7 days to die server owners having this issue?

    Any help or info is welcome . ty

    Server is for windows pc .

  • check this line in your serverconfig.xml

    <property name="DropOnDeath" value="0" /> <!-- 0 = nothing, 1 = everything, 2 = toolbelt only, 3 = backpack only, 4 = delete all -->

  • Same thing happening on my server, I quadruple checked the serverconfig.xml file and DroponDeath is set to 2 - tried other numbers too and have the same problem as OP.

    Combine that with the inability to start/shutdown/restart my server this past 24 hours ... I'm about to cancel my plan here.