7 Days is down

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  • So - suddenly kicked of the server this morning...

    Called and was told it would be an hour as some back end stuff was happening. Totally fine.

    Called 2 hours later - it will be another 1-2 hours. Ok.....

    Called again just now (4 hours after second call). The fix the second tier guys pushed has caused a problem. Due to a public holiday tomorrow it will be Monday before they are able to look at it again.

    Gobsmacked..... I actually feel sorry for the poor guy I spoke to - its not his fault. But this utterly unacceptable for a company to take the stance "We did some stuff - its broken everything 7 days to die wise - but hey ho, three days off so will look at it again Monday".

    He offered me a 3 day extension which I politely (again, not his fault) refused and its now a 5 day extension.

    Seriously unhappy at this shocking attitude to paying customers. If they have done something that broke 7 days to die on Nitrado - then they should ensure its worked on until fixed.... Not just shut down and head off for a three day break.


  • got the same issue . 7 days to die server worked fine until yesterday with that web interface issue . had to reinstall the entire server and now it comes without the game file . opened ticket but no response yet . so i ordered a 2th small 7 day to die server and it also came without the game file .;(

    now the server tells me to reinstall the server when this problems keeps coming back . still no luck on that . running out of ideas here.

  • No Rondeau - Like I said I have been told 7 days is broken on Nitrado and they will not be looking at it again until Monday...

    Game was working perfectly until Nitrado pushed a back end fix this morning and it kicked us to restart.

    Now they understand whatever fix they pushed this morning has caused more problems - but not to worry, they have 3 days off now so we can all go screw ourselves. (Apologies for the language. I'm a tad frustrated).

    I pay for TWO NItrado servers and yes, they are pretty stable if a little querky. But whenever there is a problem the first line guys (who do a great job) can't fix - second line are completely useless and just don't care in the slightest - after all, its the first line guys who get the flak from us.....

  • Actually a shame, those are valuable days and i can't run the rented service.

    The whole problem occurred in the night when the latest experimental version came out of the game, at least for me that's the case.

    Since that night I've been in a reconnect loop, already reset the whole server and even tried the latest stable version, without success tho. I'm glad I've made a backup of the server files and the Mods installed, yet it's still a pain cause I pay for nothing in return right now.

    I didn't get a freaking answer to my ticket today and in Germany there is a holiday on Friday in some areas which people are not working, guess that's the case why it will take till Monday till someone looks into the issue.

  • Update:

    My friend who also has nitrado server got his Experimental version working last night.

    So I called the US support team, however - despite them doing what they could my 7dtd server is stuck in a never ending restart loop. We even switched it to Empyrion but the same thing happened.

    The US guys said they had tested stable version and it was working so I tried to install that on my 7dtd server - 9 hours later its stuck in a restart loop and I cant do anything.

    I did however get stable installed on my other server (My son and his mates are now without a minecraft server).

    So - whatever they did has utterly broken my 7dtd server - hope I can get them to sort that today.... It was also wrong for them to say 7dtd will not work until at least Monday. Stable works on my other Nitrado server and Experimental is working on my mates Nitrado server....

    It's ridiculous.

  • Further Update:

    Managed to get Stable working on a new server after the broken one was deleted this morning at my request.

    Whilst playing on stable someone from Nitrado logged in to see if we were Ok as he/she had seen this thread.

    I explained we would rather be on Experimental so he/she went off and tested a server to check it worked - it was then added to my account.

    Once I had set it up how i wanted and proved it was working we deleted the old server.

    So we are back up and running although it did mean losing the progress we had made (But 7 days experimental is all about restarting I guess).

    Thank you to the mystery person who took the time to log onto my server, talk with me and then go get it sorted.

    Matt (Adr)


    Changed the title of the thread from “7 Days is down until AT LEAST monday......” to “7 Days is down”.
  • So what's happening now?

    Do we get the weekend refunded because we can't play.

    If what Mbelsten wrote worked then i'd like somebody from the team to look up mine as well.

    User: 2637184

    Haven't been able to play since that incident. Just set up a fresh A18 server that i can configure how i need it to be.


    Closed the thread.