Item Quantity overrides wont take-PC Web interface

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  • Pretty straight forward issue so I must be missing something. I've been trying to add some item quantity overrides to my server for a few days now and none of them ever take. I have tried editing the item stack multiplier and that works, but I was looking to get a few things edited that that setting doesn't affect. My attempted changes were pasted into the game.ini file section at the bottom while the server was stopped, in the expert mode settings area.

    I've been searching forums/reddit everything. These settings should be able to apply but they don't work no matter how many times i restart the server. The only mod i have running is S+. I have tried with Spaces in certain spots, I've tried checking my spelling a million and one times, none of these overrides seem to want to work.

    Any tips would be appreciated because I'm starting to get annoyed and I don't want to use the item stack multiplier since I've seen so many people say it broke their servers.

  • Hi buddy, exactly the same. Did you get any way out yet? I tried creating support tickete but no solution yet.


    Sloth Smith