Shadow Isles!

  • Hello, Shadow Isles a new Upcoming Ark Server *Hopefully Cluster soon* You can join our Discord to learn more and Connect easily. Mods are listed in the Discord - as well as Rules :)

    We also have a Patreon - Money goes towards cost of Servers and a future Cluster :)


    Might as well add an introduction as well ^-^
    I go by Queenie *Originated from my old User QueenOfTheDamned - Best Movie Ever*
    I'm a stay at home mom of 2 kids, And Engaged to a Veteran, I enjoy PC gaming, Meeting new people, And Admining for other people.
    I have been an Admin for Shadow Isles *Previously Prehistoric Island* for about 2 years, Lovely group of People. We've had some issues but I'm doing by best to Reboot the community to what it was before. I'm an Outgoing person so If you have questions feel free to DM via Discord - SpooClaw {Queenie}#4663 <3