FTP access for DayZ Console servers

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  • Just at is says in the topic.

    Are there any plans for allowing FTP access for Console DayZ servers?

    This would to be enable the down/uploading of 'specific/pre-defined' server states for PvP events and things, while being able to retain a seperate backup of the current state of the ongoing day to day server.

    I fully appreciate consoles may not have FTP access, but unsuprisingly quite a lot of console owners own a PC/Laptop too.

    ^Responding to response from previous support ticket ^ ;)

    Or even if the server owner doesn't, they will hopefully have someone they would be able to entrust with admin rights to do so.

    ^A position of trust I myself am in :)^

    There are somethings that I fully appreciate are just not within your control (loot tables/log files for instance), but hopefully seeing as all the data used/needed has already been generated and hosted with you, it should hopefully not be to difficult to implement.

    A nice little touch to go with it (or even standalone) would be the ability to backup the server on demand rather than have to wait for the automated daily one.

    Just when you thought it was safe to stay OUT of the water!