How to change server name?

  • I have tried multiple options and still can not get the server name to change and save to the one I wanted. It also randomly changes to a name I did not select. Can anyone help on this issue with Atlas nitrado server?

    Also I can not get the maps to properly show, they are grey. This is for xbox.

  • select the grid you want eg 2x2 3x3 or 15 x15. download then go to configure your atlas. select your squares. restart servers . after restart go to setting then general name your server hit save then restart again make sure you have a home region selected as you first cluster ther after make sure your cluster are connected.

  • There is no server name option in general. Server name only appears on the dashboard. I have repeatedly changed name and saved while server is stopped. Upon restarting the name changes to a random supplied hosted by name.

    Also is everyone on xbox having the blank map issue?

    I should also add I'm using the island editor and can not get the maps to display.