Loading a save file and settings to server

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  • Hi all,

    Checked the wiki on how to upload a save file to the server but the info seems to be dated maybe? The option no longer exists and I was wondering if anyone knew how to do this?

    Also any ideas on how to upload the settings from another save to the server?


  • But how do you actually go about it? I uploaded the files from my wanted save game in my local save directory to the Saves folder in the File Browser, but when I join the server through the client, it's just a new map. And it didn't import the actual settings of the server into Settings > General. I tried changing the World name to the same name as my save, but still only a new map. How do you make the server load my pre-existing save?


  • I managed to figure it out. All of these steps may not be necessary, but this is what I did to make it work:

    1. I saved my game as and made sure I had no special characters (only letters); let's say I named it SaveGame for the purposes of this explanation
    2. Using the File Browser (FTP should be fine too) I went into the spaceeng_profile > Saves folder and created a folder with the same name as my save (SaveGame)
    3. I uploaded the content of the SaveGame folder from my local hard drive to the SaveGame folder on the dedicated server
    4. I opened up SpaceEngineers-Dedicated.cfg located in the spaceeng_profile folder
    5. Fairly close to the bottom, there's a <LoadWorld /> tag. I changed this to <LoadWorld>SaveGame</LoadWorld>
    6. I changed the World name on the Settings > General page to SaveGame
    7. I booted up the game and joined the server and everything worked as expected (I had added a mod too that I used on the local save and it worked just fine)

    Hopefully this is of help to someone!



  • Apparently, I'm not allowed to edit my post, so I'll just write another post.

    However, I didn't find a way to transfer the settings. The settings config file I found was in a different programming language than the one on the website, so the formatting was completely different and of absolutely no help, requiring me to enter everything manually anyway.

  • The configuration file you download from their basic editor is written in JSON. I downloaded the file and then opened it with NotePad++ and the settings match the session settings in the Space Engineers server configuration file.
    If you want to upload your session settings I would recommend Exporting a copy of the JSON file editing the settings then importing the edited file.

    Thank you very much NotnamedDoden I found this thread very helpful.