A18 experimental - How to update experimental to next experimental build?

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  • They pushed an update yesterday. How does one go about updating the server from previous a18 experimental to the latest?

    Edit: Not sure if the update actually required a server update, but I'm still curious how that works.

  • This process on Nitrado is a bit aggravating for me. The easiest way to update is to just reinstall. But you lose everything (saves remain and backups) including mods, so I copied the serverconfig.xml and the serveradmin.xml files so I don't have to re-edit them after each update. Then after its updated and running you can stop the server, copy your proper settings files back, and reinstall/copy any mods. Then when you restart it should be back the way you want it. This way you know if the server doesn't restart there's an issue with your files, not the games. But, if there's an easier way that doesn't require doing this, I'd love to hear about it.