Dropping Items on Death

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  • Hi alll yes the EASY setup page does not reflect the actual serverconfig.xml. the number is not correct what the easy setup writes into the config, it is indeed drop everything in the easy setup to actually drop nothing.

    also if you want a RWG there is no option on the easy setup page to put in your seed name, you have to go to file manager and edit the config xml and repace the seedname there

  • Thank you guys so much! Nitrado needs to fix this in their General Settings! I had "Nothing" selected and when I died all of my stuff disappeared. If it dropped then it was gone by the time I got back(I didn't know to check for a bag icon right away) so it may have even deleted all. However, I now have it set to "Everything" so hopefully that fixes my issue. Of course my player file chose to back up after I died so I can't even restore. I had wondered if their values weren't correct and this post confirmed that and saved my sanity. LoL. Thanks again!