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  • do I have to download some zip files and map out the islands on the server or something? do i need to have more then one server to have all the islands. If i just get one server will it only be the freeports or is there other island that come iwth it and if so how many islands. becuase you cant claim LAND you claim islands now and if you claim islands and there is only four islands to claim then what will the other players get to claim.

  • To become more familiar with the island and what you have, with a PC you can DL the Map editor. By default Freeport is grid A1 which is a single server. By default you have 4 freeports which consist of 4 islands. Those getting say a 2x2 or 4x4 or even bigger. But for simplicity lets say 2x2 which btw = 4 servers, you can sail to the left in A1, and end up on right side of B1. The world is 'round' or think of it that way. But say you do a 2x1 grid which is 3 servers and since B2 would have been the 4th server, you could not sail to the left on A2, and expect to be on the right of A2. You will run into a red wall. Visit the Wiki for more info on editing the JSON file. At least take a peek as you can learn things and discover how things are configured. Next question from some- "Can I edit my own json and upload it"? Not 100% sure. I was told you can, but I have been unable to do so. Because with one of the JSON finalization, you will need to make a new MapCell and MapImage and as of today you can no upload those updates to console. I am sure they are working on it.

    Someone also asked about islands. Technically when you edit the JSON you can add as many as you want. Its going to be a bit crowded- js.

    And the BW question, you should be able to. Just select unofficial map in the server list unless GS fixed that issue since a couple of days ago.