How to create a RWG on alpha 18?

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  • Hey,

    The settings I had for alpha 17 don't seem to work for 18. When I put RWG in and increase the map size the server starts rebooting. Does anyone know the proper settings to get a random gen world up and what the largest map size we can use is?

    Thank you :)

  • Dashboard> tools > filebrower > open first folder on top > click " Serverconfig.mxl" > search and edit value

    <property name="GameWorld" value="RWG"/> <---- should be like that

    <property name="WorldGenSeed" value="zoombie"/> <---- your seednam, this will generate your map, in my case zoombie is the seed name which determines how my map will look

    <property name="WorldGenSize" value="8192"/> <-- double the normal standard size, i would not go bigger then that, 4096 is good enough for 2 players, 8192 will be better for more then 3-4 or more players, i would not recommend to go higher then that, keep in mind the downloading world will take longer with larger values.

  • Hi, I took several hours generating world in the game client to find one I liked. Now that I have one I like how do I get it to run on my server? I used ftp access and copied over the 7days2die/GeneratedWorlds folder but what do i need to change in the config?