How long do saves and structures last on a Map

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  • My kids and I began on the Island in February and have been playing a new map every month or so. So far we have played (in this order) the Island, Ragnarok, Extinction, Aberration, SE and we are now on the Center. Before hopping into the Center last weekend we went back to the Island to defeat the Tek Cave, only to find that our buildings were all still there - from March! The dinos were dead but everything else held.

    I had thought the saves wouldn't last or the buildings would degrade. Any idea how long they last? These were stone structures for the most part, if that matters. Also, we use the routine Obelisk/Transmitter transport out/in, if that matters as well.

  • When the map is not being used, ARK goes into stasis so structures and all remain. The ARK Wiki does goes more into this.

    Just note though with each map change you are adding to the single character profile. It will get bigger and bigger. It could become corrupt. Its why many do not just change the maps around. Its just a risk to be aware of. I would be more worried about at some time the gamefile will be overwritten.