Console Player looking to jump to PC!!

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  • Hello Survivors, I have logged several hundred hours into this title on Xbox. I've taken quite a hiatus from it, but as Halloween season is upon us, I've found myself jumping back in and have been having a damn good time.

    Anyway, it pains me to say that on consoles, development and updates died years ago with telltale and I don't see console getting up to par (No blade traps for us, hell I can't even paint my house). With all the hype I've seen surrounding A18 I just wonder if this is a good jumping on point for someone that is fresh to PC gaming in general. I've been gaming for nearly 26 yrs but its always been console. Now at this point in my life I have a PC I can actually game on but just don't know where to begin.

    I'd also like to add that I usually play solo but not by choice. More because I don't have any mature "content friendly" buddies to link up with and play. All of my "console friends" gave up on the game when development stopped.