Wiping Ark server but keep stat, dino, drop, and map settings

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  • A friend is trying to wipe his ark server for Xbox we have been scouring the internet for information on how to wipe the server. We want to keep the custom settings for everything and wipe the maps. I found a few threads on Google that were on the forum but they seem to be missing or deleted, as I keep ending up back at the main page for the forums.

    I know there has to be a way. We did the wipe and used the start with new save game but it did not delete characters or tribes AND it even wiped the stats. Kept a copy of the .INI files for the settings as well as a notepad document with the ENTIRE server settings list copied into it (there are a lot).

    HELP!!! The youtube videos did not help as they all held the same basic information of 'start with new save data'. Which is completely worthless when it doesn't work. Stopped the server, did the 'start new save data', restarted the server. Tribes and players still exist. 5 times so far.

    So, Nitrado support staff, do NOT tell me that worthless information of going to the settings and using the 'start new save data'. It's either broken, not working, or something is stopping your services from doing what it is supposed to do. I am betting on the last one but I am not sure where to start looking to troubleshoot that portion. The inbuilt settings you have are not working as intended and we are 4 hours way past that point.

  • you can use this admin code below

    AdminCheat DestroyStructures

    That will destroy all structures on the map.

    AdminCheat DestroyAllEnemies

    This will destroy all non player stuff like dinosaurs including tamed ones.

    You will then have a new map with nothing on it and the same settings. Just can die and restart as a new player if you want

  • Wanted to wipe the players as well but that'll work as a fix for this go around.

    What is the solution for doing a total wipe? Players, obs, tribes, everything minus settings. Still need to know for next time.

    And Thank you Rondeau. It's better than the KillAOE command where i was hoping to get everything. The servers do not seem to like processing that command either.