a18 seems way too easy?

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  • I've watched a few streams and the new starter POIs have the same amount of loot as the longer ones from a17 that would take 20 minutes to clear. Now you kill 2 or 3 zombies and you have access to 5 boxes packed with loot. The boxes seem to have about 2-3x as much loot as a17.

    Now instead of being excited that you finally found an iron axe on day 2 everyone is running around scrapping the 5 sledges they got from 1 POI.

    As much as I don't want a18 delayed the vast over correction seems to have ruined things. Too much loot is almost worse than not enough in a survival game.

    Junk turret also seems completely OP.

  • You realize you can tailor the settings how you see fit. Now POI's got updated with many smaller ones emptied, since it was crazy that every POI was a dungeon crawl, especially when on day 1 you are looking to set up a camp for the night.

    If you think its too easy, don't bother setting up and instead stay outside all night. Go looting in some big POI's at night. That alone will likely change your mind.

    But too much loot, lower loot settings, zombies too easy, raise the difficulty, make them run faster, make them run all the time. Make zombie damage higher and lower player damage. Lots of things to tailor to your liking.

    And I think your nuts on the junk turret, he's my new buddy. Who needs a dog...