No-Flyer No-Tek No-C4 Primitive PVP *XBOX Crossplay*

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  • Server Name: Colonial Americas

    Discord: Discord LAUNCHED 10/1/2019

    Game Type: PVP

    Maps: Island-Ragnarok More Coming Soon!

    Tribe Limit: 3

    Harvest: 5x

    Taming: 30x

    Maturation: 20x

    Experience: 3x

    Players: 105 max

    Dinos: 120 max Classic Official - Wild dinos does 2x the damage /Tame dinos resistance lowered to balance

    Custom Craft: Modify crafting cost

    Flyers: No Flyers/No Tek/No C4/No Metal Wood Is Max Tier

    Explosives: Grenades are max explosives

    Armor: No flak only chitin desert clothes hide and cotton

    Weapons: No guns only pikes-swords which are not craftable. Find in drops or beach crates.

    Untameable: Rex, Yuty, Quetz, Gigas, Paracer, Brontos and Carnos

    Apex Predator: Allos Therizinos are the two largest carnivores you can tame.

    If you enjoy ark prior to 2017 before all this extra sci-fi stuff this is for you. Primitive ARK no matter if you are new to the cluster or old everyone is on a even playing field. It all comes down to tribe-personal skills. Once you reach wood you are practically safe unless someone manufacture enough explosives (Grenades). This cluster was created to give everyone a different take on ark, the classic ark without flyers and tek. This will change the way players do combat and those dinos that got lost during the many updates will once again have a place. No one utilize land tames anymore prior to 2017 everyone was on raptors sabertooths wolves these dinos are only used in PVE. Our plan is to introduce a new way of playing this amazing game. If you don't mind fighting without tek and flyers and living in wood houses this is for you.

    All the PVPing will be on land or land dinos. Look forward to seeing everyone on the cluster and in the discord. If you are tired of the same play style over and over try something NEW!