Dayz ps4 new server wont install??

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  • Sooo i put in a support ticket seeing as there is such a lack of info about my server just seemingly sitting in an install loop since the moment i purchased my server.

    Its never installed so i dont have a web ui or at least im not finding the magical restart of the download option that ive seen people and mods talk about.

    Should have started with this. Is this normal? Been more then 7 hours and i got jack shit. Money came out my account instantly but i get no service??

    Why is there no average wait time listed anywhere? Not even across the internet i did searches it comes up with nada...Why?

    I dont know what to expect at all its all just blind since the payment..

    What is going on? What should i/we expect? Where is this magical restart the download that i see nowhere??

    This server set up is as dark and blinding as nights in dayz right now what gives????????