Numbers of certain guns in a Server

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  • could any one tell me or point me in the right direction to find the number of vss vsd lar that can be in a Server at any one time before they don't spawn nomore ... Also same with m4 an all ak's ... Thank you

  • Short answer: Some items are rare, on purpose, and spawn in limited quantities.

    Long answer:

    All items that spawn have:

    LIFETIME on the ground

    RESTOCK timer until placed into the spawn queue.

    MIN/MAX(NOMINAL) before any respawn is done. Once its at max, no more will spawn . When it hits min, more are put into a queue to spawn in an appropriate place.

    QUANTMIN/MAX are for items with capacity like water bottles, canteens, mags, etc

    Flags to decide what to count (can be IN_CARGO, IN_HOARDER, IN_MAP, IN_PLAYER) Also flags for crafted and DYNAMIC EVENTS (deloot/heli crash)

    Spawn Location - class of buildings/location (Military, Police, Farm, Village, Town, Hunting, School, Industrial, Medic, Firefighter, Prison, Coast)(floor, shelves), and tiers (1,2,3,4)

    Tier 1 is the SE coast and tier 4 is the NW woods. I don't know the exact dividing lines, but you get the idea.

    Gun/MAX/HeliCrash? [Spawn Locations] BK-18(IZH18)/100 [Farm, Town, Village, Hunting - Tier 1,2] BK-133 (MP133) /100 [Police, Farm, Village, Hunting - Tier 1,2,3] CR-61 Skorpion(CZ61)/30 [Police] CR-527(CZ527)/50 [Farm, Village, Hunting - Tier 2,3,4] KA101(AK101)/5 [Military - Tier 4] KA74(AK74)/10 [Military - Tier 2,3,4] KAM(AKM)/10 [Military - Tier 3,4]

    LAR (FAL)/4/Y [Military - Tier4] M4/10 [Military - Tier 3,4] M70 Tundra(Winchester70)/15, [Hunting - Tier 2,3,4]] Mosin/70 [Town, Village, Hunting - Tier 2,3] SG5-K (MP5K)/20 [Military - Tier 1,2] SKS/30 [Military - Tier 2,3] USG-45 (UMP45)/20 [Military - Tier 2,3] VSD (SVD)/4/Y [Military - Tier 4] VSS/3/Y [Military] [I believe the HeliCrash weapons only spawn there, but the loot table entries have other notations I left in for completeness]

    The loot state is not affected by a server restart.  In general, the low end weapons are counted on the ground(which is basically what's spawned at that moment). Some weapons (KA74, KAM, M4A1) are counted in storage/cargo/map, but not players and some (KA101,LAR,VSD/VSS) are counted on players too . It makes them all relatively rare, on purpose. In the new experimental patch ak 101s, a tisy spawn, don't count in stashes so you will always find them there. This is a clever move as it means TISY remains an end game goal and it promotes travel across the map. The best gun is the one you have.