Need help installing ModPack

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  • Hi all!

    I'm pretty new to minecraft and to managing Nitrado servers, for the life of me I can't figure out how to install the modpack that myself and my friend want to play :( I only found minimal instructions in the wiki, and I don't really understand them, I could use some further in-depth support from someone.

    The Modpack I want to install on my server is this one, Farming Valley:

    For reference here is the tutorial I'm following:

    I assume that the folder/files that I need are the Farming Valley Server files.

    I am following the initial steps as follows, some I can skip because the correct minecraft.jar etc are already included.

    First/Main Folder:

    1) Change eula=false to eula=true

    2) Execute the minecraft.jar again, this time itr will actually launch the server.

    3) When done, close the server.


    In another Folder, download the installer of your modpack:

    1) Execute the installer of your modpack

    2) Select Install Server, install to the same folder

    3) Execute the "forge-X.X.X-XX.XX.X.XXXX-universal" file.

    4) eula text file is created, change from false to true.

    5) Execute the "forge-X.X.X-XX.XX.X.XXXX-universal" file again, this time it will actually launch the server.

    6) When done, close the server.

    7) Paste ALL files from this folder to the first one, overwrite dupes.


    Here is where I begin to find problems.

    Now delete some files:

    • banned-ips.txt ( I do NOT have this txt file, but I have JSON )
    • banned-players.txt (I do NOT have this txt file, but I have JSON)
    • ops.txt ( I have "Options.txt" or "ops.json")
    • (I do NOT have this txt file, but I have JSON)
    • white-list.txt OR white-list.json ( I have deleted white-list.json as per this instruction)

    8) Delete the old minecraft_server.jar and rename the Forge Universal one to "minecraft_server.jar"

    9) Add the modpack you are trying to use to the newly merged server files and start the server. (??? I am already working with the modpack files, I have nothing to add)

    10) Start the Server ( I click the minecraft_server.jar, nothing happens)

    Things I have tried:

    • Renaming the Forge file to the EXACT name my minecraft_server file was called initially (Same result, nothing happens)
    • Not deleting or renaming either file, and running the minecraft_server.1.10.2 file as it is. (Server launches!)

    11) Stop the server once it has started on your PC

    12) Open up Filezilla and connect to your stoppped Nitrado Minecraft Server

    13) Delete all files in the "minecraft" folder and paste my files in there

    14) Restart Nitrado Server

    And Now I'm stuck because I get the error "currently there are some information missing to show this page. This happens when the gameserver is not fully started."

    Any help? :)

  • you are a god send. I have followed the so call wiki to the T with zero results and even called the support. your post here help me get my server up with my custom pack. thank you SO much! <3


    Closed the thread.