Automated Tasks

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  • I had set up my server to restart every six hours and based the time off of UTC+2 Time; Then doing the conversion to Eastern Standard Time. However the conversion did not work accurately and was 1 hour to fast restarting the server. Then 2 Hours after the first restart; The server restarted its self again (Which was not scheduled). Any idea why/suggestions?

    Also the server restart messages do NOT show up using the "Automated Tasks" Method...

    What is the best option for setting automatic server resets every 6 hours? The "Automated Tasks" Or Doing it through the XML File?
    It would be nice to give players on the server some warning that it will be restarting; as well as have accurate server restarts that are actually scheduled.

  • I have came across the same issue. From what I have seen on youtube for help you need to use the XML File. The top command in the file allows you to set the server reset and then it does show a countdown in the game via the server messages. Plus you can have other messages too! There is a really good youtube video out there that shows what you need to do. You have to delete some text to turn on the commands. You might also still get that time difference on the restarts. My server is turned on at let's say at noon, At 2 it reset. (I have it set for ever 2 hours until dayz fix desync.) By the time the reset was done and it was up again it was like 4 or 5 mins later. As soon as the server comes back up that timer starts counting down. So you wont have on the dot resets. They will start drifting off the hour you had it set for.


    Closed the thread.