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  • So I just added two new servers to my cluster for ark. During setup I found there is a new Automated Tasks area for daily resets. Although it's cool in the way you can start doing other automated things.... Esp if they develop this further. The Overall design makes absolutely no sense at all. You have no idea what time you are setting and there seem to be is no way to make a server message anymore. I simple want to make my servers Restart Dailys at 5AM Eastern with a Message that says Daily Reset. How do you do this now?

  • Hello,

    Thank you for your feedback. This is an updated tool we offer for the servers. The time you want to use is the time where the server is being hosted at.

    The other one that was in use didnt have it either where you can place a message nor does the new one. The only place you can put a customer restart message is if you are manually restarting the server. We will pass this info back to the staff. As for restarting daily at your time everyday, you can set that up. I would test it out a bit, watch the logs and such. I do the same for my ARK servers.

    Thank you for your feedback.

  • These are my automated tasks on my Dayz server for PS4. I've had it set like this for almost two days. Not once has it restarted. The "timed restarts" I had set for Noon and Midnight Eastern US Time. They worked perfectly for three days and then I noticed NITRAPI doing restarts at times I had not set. When to see what was up and timed restarts was changed to automated tasks, so I set this all up... only to now not have it work. Feels like Nitrado took something that was working and replaced it with something broken.

  • I have a conan exiles server and can confirm that automated tasks is not working - i understand the system but it simply doesnt restart .

    no matter the times you set.

    Personally i dont understand why a working system is replaced by a system that is more complicated and confusing then the auto restart function.

    Clearly this isnt tested enough and it would have been a better option to give server Owners/Renters a headsup or some form of communication.

    its highly frustrating and also a 3 time limitation for restarts is a no go for some games . Hopefully it gets fixed very soon .

  • Well, now the automated task shows it is at least doing something. That first game server restart shows it supposedly ran at 2:36 pm, it is currently 12:30 here US Eastern (EDT). So I guess I'll have to let it do it's thing and then do a little math to figure out what time I need to put in to make it restart at the time I want. The second image shows what time the restart log says it restarted. None of it makes sense either. Cause look at the "minutes" 9:45; 5:49; 14:36. Yes 9:45 is about 4 hours ahead of 5:49 but the automated tasks says it ran at 14:36 aka 2:36? Not even the hours conversion makes sense on that one. Czech, where Dayz Dev is based, is 6 hours ahead of EDT. Nitrado is based in Germany I believe? That's also 6 hours ahead of EDT.

    Look I never learned calculus... just let me restart my server at Noon and Midnight to keep my logs neat and my server members aware of when to expect a restart. Nitrado, you had it fine before with Timed Restarts, Now you've introduced Automated Tasks and it's all chaos yet again.

  • Yes Like the others hear... Not only does it not let you give a message anymore to inform players why the servers is shutting down... But Since I went through and set these "automated Tasks" Not a single server has restart. I have 6 Xbox ark servers and not a single restart has happened all weekend unless I manually did the restart myself. "hey guys lets replace this working system with a broken one!" <- Fire that guy

  • Hi guys,

    we did some rework on this new feature. Please be sure that you have set the correct timezone on your profile.

    All changes which has been published today:

    - Fixed timezone support on the backend

    - Show timezone on the Webinterface daily restart page

    - Increased limit from 3 to 5 entries per service

    - Added restart message support

  • Wow I am Impressed that it was fixed so quickly. Guess i'm a little too used to company's releasing new stuff that breaks things and taking months to fix them *Cough wildcard Cough*

    One thing to maybe take a look at. Although it does seem to be working now... it seems like it takes several days for the tasks to actually start working. Mine finally did a restart last night about 7 pm (i set them up days ago and this was the 1st time) so i adjusted my times based off that restart and none of them actually did another restart last night. But frankly as long as it does eventually take hold things should be good.

    Good job Nitrado:thumbup:

    Want to give us a hint at other automated tasks you might be adding? 8o


    Closed the thread.