Nitrado servers good or bad???

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  • I'm seeking the option of having my own server for the tribe I'm part of on Ark. As far as we know, the dedicated servers require the host to be online, and the others have to be in close proximity to the host when in game. So that brings me to Nitrado. I have seen a few videos and mentions of Nitrado as an alternative hosting site for Ark servers. Does anyone have any experience with this host, or knowledge at all?

    We only have a few people, but we would like to have our own world away from the lag and problems caused by others. I've also heard that Wildcard is working on its own dedicated servers for consoles, and perhaps we might have rented servers that would allow us to have less limitations than hosted servers.

    What's your take on all of this? Is Nitrado a reputable host, and quality option? If not, what would be the best course of action to take?

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    Welcome to the Nitrado Community forums.

    Would say this is the best place to come. Make sure when you're going to pick up the server for xbox you do it through the Nitrado app on your xbox one. Ps4 and pc (steam) can all be purchased and paid for via the app or the web interface.

    With Nitrado you can have your server password protected. There is no tethering involved your and you friends can all sign on and go wherever you want , you can make many changes to the server like taming speed, xp multipliers, you can add and removed specific dinosaurs from your map. Among all kinds of other stuff.

    If you or your friends have a windows 10 pc you can always cross play with them only for windows 10 version of ark and xbox only.

    What other stuff would you like to know?