bad gateway error

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  • Hello Toxicguru,

    That sounds like a technical problem on Nitrado's side.

    I recommend you to contact the support by phone or by ticket.

    With friendly greetings


  • Hey, xMarcel_x

    ty for the quick reply I guessed it would be just thought id post here as ticket responce is quite slow. 8 days for my last ticket so never really bother.

    This is understandable, it should not be that tickets need so long to edit. Unless it is a bigger problem and needs to be analyzed and then solved by professionals.

    Maybe it's another problem and someone from the community here knows a solution. :)

  • Bad Gateway error has its reasons. Just have to try again. Try a different browser. For some 'clearing cache' has worked. If all of that fails, please call or create a ticket with Nitrado Support as advised. Thank you