I purchased a server from Nitrado.

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  • Does anyone rent a server from nitrado for 7 days? I am looking at websites to rent a 7 days server from and it looks like nitrado is the least expensive from what I have seen for a small server with only a few players. I do not need 10 slots like most of the websites look like they start out with for a higher price. I will likely only have 2 or 3 players on it most of the time.

    Does anyone know if nitrado is good for 7 days? Do the servers on nitrado work good for that game?

    I have looked through the nitrado website and it does say that you can play random gen maps on it but does it let you type in the map name to use a map seed that someone else has tried like you can on xbox? On xbox I would look online to find map seed names that people have tried with the number of cities and traders that I wanted to play on and then I would type the map seed name into the game settings and it would give me that same map the people online talked about on it. I want to make sure if I rent a server from nitrado that I can do that same thing with it.

  • Hello

    What game are you looking to rent a server for? The servers are usually rented for 30days and the amount of people depends on the server as much. Most have a custom purchase that you can go through. When it comes to custom changes and mods. That also depends on what game you're looking to purchase. Consoles don't allow for mods at the moment