I just have one question!!!!!

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  • I have tried to find the answer to what I believe is a very simple question and one that I feel makes a lot of people rent servers, but I can NOT find one reference to it.... I want to rent a server but will NOT until someone can tell me exactly what type I need to rent to achieve the below:

    What type of server do I need to rent so I can play ark survival evolved on my PC with my partner who plays on xbox?

  • Hello

    You will need to rent an xbox one server off of the Nitrado app on your xbox one or the nitrado app from the Microsoft store on windows 10. You still will rent an xbox server of you do it either way. However the pc version of ark MUST be the windows 10 version to be able to cross play with xbox. It CANNOT be the steam version as they're not compatible. I used caps just to stress which versions you need