Please Make Dayz Server /Recognise on DZA Launcher

  • Hello Nitrado

    After almost 3 days of setting to run Dayz Server , before running smooth .

    He my wish and i guess im not the only one ^^

    Give us Acces to DZA launcher , for the moment Nitrado server dont give any access to Dza launcher, so nobody from the DZA launcher can join the server, for bring peoples on server " and i guess is the point , bring so many peoples in our server" is only a small files to activate , but is need to be on your side , Is one of the most important thing to all Dayz Players and servers owners.

    Dont be able for the moment to join a server by DZA launcher on DAYZ is 70% less players for sure.

    so i will advice you Nitrado , fixe this / and when is fixe / Make a Add of it " Like Nitrado server give you acces to DZA launcher, your server will be seen, and it will possible to join by DZA .. then you get a +++++++ tools for your server Services.

    2 second wish

    i see some other tools on server admin "root server "/

    "fixing the mods update automatically" , we need this big time . Pleaseeeee:thumbup::thumbup:

    Updating Mods on nitrado server " is hell of a job"

    we need to Update manually 1 by 1 every Mods

    Nitrado Dayz server should be directly conected to our Steam account and when Updating is detected , server should automatically updates them ,then reboot , is a very important Tools to get on nitrado / and for dayz .

    thx best regards kriss