Server in Loop/not Restarting/not Listed? (all platforms)

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  • This seems to be the same topic over and over, so here we are going to post a simple/pinned thread.

    (1) Is this a new or existing server?

    =existing/new- if stuck in restart or loop, force stop and restart.

    If you are unable to force stop or restart, you will need to contact Nitrado Support. See contact info below.

    (2) If rebooting still fails, and the name is longer than say 64 characters (xbox), 80 characters (ps4)- change the name for testing purposes to something simple and short. Try using NitradoTest. NO special characters.

    (3) If reboots, name is correct- again is this server new or existing?

    =New- do a reinstall. and try again.

    =Existing- knowing you dont want to risk losing any progress, contact Nitrado Support.

    (4) Did you make any server changes? If yes, put the old ones back by stopping the server, make the change, save, then restart. If no, contact Nitrado Support.

    (5) If all the above suggestions fails please contact Nitrado Support either by creating a ticket or calling them on Skype.

    This is a Community Support Forum which is for everyone in the community to help each other out.

    Forum Moderators do not have access to servers nor accounts so we can only suggest the above.

    Support Link: Support |

    Thank you.

    tagged Xbox and PS4 as well.

    **Any newly created posts asking the same thing will be deleted.