Server Extend not working

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  • One day left to extend server on monthly basis.

    Must be done only through xbox nitrado app.

    Purchase info entered normally.

    Upon entering purchase info, no confirmation received.

    No anything. No email from Microsoft or nitrado.


    Not going to reenter purchase in case it debits me twice.

    What is the problem ?

    Does nitrado want my $1500 a year or what?

    I make xbox purchases all the time no issue.

    This is on Nitrado's end.

    Upon entering and confirming purchase it just sits there, dead end.

  • When renewing its it done through the Nitrado App which goes through MS.

    Nothing we can assist in the forums with.

    Please contract Nitrado Support either by calling them on skype or creating a ticket.

    Here is the link: Support |

    Thank you. :)