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  • Message to Nitrado Devs.

    I play DayZ on both PC and PS4 and I have to say the difference is staggering.:cursing: It is mind-boggling to see how different of an experience both platforms offer. I purchased a private server for PS4 and set rules in an attempt to model what I see being done with MODs on PC but it is hard to maintain order. After several conversations with Nitrado staff it seems like getting Modded servers (in the truest since of the word) might be a long hard battle. By hard I mean running up an ice mountain with white socks on hard. I was excited to speak to a rep a few days ago and learn that Nitrado itself might be working on some solutions for console players.:love:

    I admire Nitrado for even making such an attempt. 8) From what I've learned the difficulty we face on console is in getting approval from Sony/PlayStation to have the individual MOD applications uploaded to their network. It seems like this is closer to impossible vs difficult. Again this makes Nitrado's efforts all the more appreciated.

    At this point I wonder will Nitrado have any form of BETA testing or early access? Again, I am excited to hear about some possible upgrades and am looking forward to seeing where this goes. If I could offer ANY suggestions I would say most would appreciate (1) map/HUD access (2) stamina adjusting (3) ability to ban/block players (4) activity tracking for server owners (5) loot control ie increase/decrease and (6) auto run!:D:thumbup::!:

    These are just my thoughts and I am sure the console community would love to be a part of your efforts. My server DayZ Commonwealth would love to be a part of any early access/beta testing efforts should any arise.