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  • Hello,

    As there are 9 days since i posted my wishes, I will not wait 6 months for an answer.

    There are others hosting company, and i will go there, because seriously we're in 2019, with fast connection and instant stuff and it's like you're still using the minitel....

    It's really pis***sing me off, Germany is know for QUALITY and this is not what you're giving to your costumers.

    I'll wait a little more, but be sure i will not extend my servers.

    Worst support / costumer service ever used... thanks a lot for that !

  • Hello,

    Here is additional contact information if you wish to contact Nitrado directly:

    Support |

    Forum Moderators would not have access to this information to provide a good response.

    We appreciate our Customer and their business. :)

    Thank you

  • Hello Doagen,

    Thanks a lot for your response, i did contact the support (before posting here) and they responded this :

    1. Sur le forum il y a une section où les joueurs Nitrado peuvent poster le jeu
    2. qu'ils aimeraient voir dans la liste. Mais cela n'est pas sûr à 100% qu'il
    3. soit ajouté car ce n'est pas le support qui décide de cela mais bien plus
    4. haut.

    If i could do it, i would leave right now with my money because Nitrado is definitly not worth any cents..

    As i said, i will wait and see if i get an answer from Nitrado (ghost) employes.

    It's really amazing to see that kind of thing in 2019... seriously this is more like a bad joke than anything else.

  • Thank you for posting in the forums for a game suggestion/wish. I am sure as with any other game- pending on the popularity, if server files are available, marketing and the relationships with their vendors open it would be added to their large existing catalog games. As with any host, the host has to be careful in their selection to see its value. Its really hit and miss.

    And it appears based on your post from Support they have responded. Not more much to add. Sounds pretty close to what I just said. My feedback is by personal experience in the gaming community for over 30yrs.

    Again, thank you for the suggestion.

  • Thanks again, you can close this thread.

    Finished the game with another hosting company, it worked 100%, no bug , no loop restart, nothing.

    There are also more games available than here.. it's ok everybody make mistake, i did it one here.

    Good continuation to you Doagen, and thanks again being here responding to people.


    Closed the thread.