Few simple commands aren't working, please help

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  • #147 to #153 aren't working on my server;

    -I've tried drastically higher and lower numbers too

    -The last commands have been reviewed by a someone fron support

    -The server was restarted a few times since i wrote them in

    -These commands are located in my GameUserSettings.ini

    -Expert settings are On

    What am i doing wrong?

  • If you already had someone from Support to review, nothing more I can add or say.

    Commands look right for a PC server.

    I know not all are available for consoles, but I do not know exactly which ones arent.

    You may want to type up what you are trying to accomplish to the Community to respond. And be specific why you think is not working.

  • You may want to type up what you are trying to accomplish to the Community to respond. And be specific why you think is not working.

    I want Thirst(water) and Hunger(food) to be almost non-existent, i want to get thirsty or hungry every like 40mins instead of every 10mins (let's say 4 to 10 times less than it supposed to)

    I want longer day time and shorter nights (100x longer day time and 100x faster nights) and/or the time to be stopped.

    I want resource nodes to last longer(2 to 3 times longer than usual) and yield as much or twice as much resources per hit.

    I believe none of these commands work because me and my players tried after i nerfed them and later boosted them and either seemed to have affected the game.

  • Considering Support people aren't necessary experienced Ark players or comfortable with commands. I would like my issue to be addressed as untouched. There's definitively a way to address this; i know for a fact the regular options had some of the commands i'm trying to implant.

  • If you are using Expert settings AND using the webinterface for your settings, you will have issues. You can use either, or. Not both.

    I say this cause you may have duplicate entries in your ini file and that will cancel each other out basically. Check the ini.

    Not saying that is your issue, but many have reported the same and that was the problem.

    As for you day/night settings- this is what I use to match a real day. Note: Some maps you will not be able to change the day/night as its hard-coded. ie: abberration.

    Day cycle speed scale: 1

    Night time scale: 1.75

    Day time scale: .55

  • Well, thanks for the help guys. I finally found my way around things. What i did was going back to regular mode to implement a change then it showed up on the expert settings and for some reason, it would let me edit from that new line of commands. It's really tricky and some commands get lost in the process sometimes but now i'm pretty much happy with my server.