Server not publicly listed

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  • Ok so, i phoned up DE line twice today because of this issue. First time he said he’d fixed it. Didn’t appear publicly, second time I phoned back he huffed and puffed and said he’ll fix it again. Server did not show publicly.

    Then my phone app tells me my 50 slot day z server has been changed to a 50 Slot Ark server. I reactivates my DayZ Server, waiter for it to load. Shut it down, changed the name so I could find it. Restarted it. “Server is started”

    Log into the game...NO SERVER!

    😡 what is going on?

  • Same

  • I'm contacting Microsoft today for a full refund, I suggest you do the same. At the end of the day what are we really renting? Bohemia took so many servers away and these are pretty much just like official, no admin features what so ever. Also Nitrado acting like a full fledged company when it's clearly a one man operation. I also want to point out the mass posts in these forums are not being answered. Even simple customer questions and requests are not being answered. People are experiencing days of downtime with no compensation although it's Nitrados problem. This is becoming a scam quickly.