Ftb mod pack

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  • don't remove my comments because you don't like or cant handle negative feedback towards your company.... I have been renting my server from a Nitrado for almost 2 yrs now with great service from team and staff but all of a sudden service sucks..... if this post is deleted I will be moving my business elsewhere and no I am not Bumping my post these things need to be read by customers and staff and fixed.... service needs to be the way it was just 6 months ago... and by this I mean it was like staff and team cared but not now

  • Hello.

    I'm sorry you feel this way. These suggestions and wishes section is simply that. A suggestion and wish section. Posting in this section doesn't guarantee that this will be picked up. Sometimes it's not up staff but the developers of said game or mod. I don't have any access to your server or control over what gets picked up also. Your post isn't being ignored it's just the only answer would be to say thank you for the suggestion we appreciate the feedback.