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  • Im trying to be patient with this. It has a section where you can change the structure build limit. I changed it to 9000 and it has cut me off at 6390. where do you come up with these numbers and can someone please tell me how to fix this ? And please don't just say "in your ini code." I have copied and pasted many misspelled or space delinquent versions of other peoples' solutions and none have worked so here I go again. Willing to be the sucker and try to decipher half sentences and incomplete, misspelled or even computer genius code. Also does anyone know what they call basilosaurus blubber in the ini commands? I can't figure out what to call it to get them to give 4 instead of 2.

  • I tried the commands the way they are configured on that page and that did not work to fix the structure limit, i guess i am not putting the commands in the right place or I am missing some syntax I have not programmed for 25 years so this is a bit different for me. So if anyone can actually just say here ya go this is what you copy and you paste it here it would be appreciated. I got phased through a floor and had to delete it and now i have a hole in the middle of my base. and everyone on the base now has issues since wildcard did they're update for the S+. Good old wild card never really caring about its customers or never really fixing the problem until all your people quit playing on your servers. smh

  • I found the solution!!! I just tore all five thousand walls down and started my incredible base over again! That seems to be the solution to everything with wildcard. Always having to start over. No wonder we always lose players!!!!!! So if you are looking for a solution to your problem, the answer is "Start Over" or quit playing and support another gaming company that has their crap together. Every time they(wildcard) do an update something else gets screwed up. This does not happen when Rockstar updates or when Treyarch or many other "Real" gaming companies. So choose to love a great concept that was just too big from a tiny little company that is not able deliver and suffer always having to start over. Or just play a game that you are satisfied that at least maintains some level of integrity!!!

  • I've found hundreds of threads having problems, it is even written into Nitrado's set up but doesnt' work. so lets not go there. It says in my ini settings that structure limit is set to 9000 but still clips at 6390. Maybe Nitrado isn't worth the huge amount of money I pay for the servers i have either. Are you saying I shouldn't pay for Nitrado and that being a customer doesn't matter? Customer service isn't all that good. You have to skype them to contact customer support. what happen to a good old phone call. So are you suggesting that the customer doesn't matter or isn't right and shouldn't get what he pays for? Let's face it, You have to be a current programmer, hack or have someone do it for you. Just because YOU know where and how to put these codes doesn't mean it all makes sense to everyone. I just changed the brakes on my wife's Charger and installed a hot water heater and water softener in my home last week. I'm sure I could explain how to do some of that to you but showing you would be easier. It is just the way it goes. people communicate differently. But you jump to the conclusion that no one else is having an issue. You have answered this same issue. Fortunately for them they were either on pc or they were programmer capable. If you don't have time to help someone you shouldn't lead them on.

  • I noticed under my name in here it says customer. So i am saying I want my problem fixed now. I pay for two servers right now which was going to be more, but as we are having this cap of 6390 building structure limit 'near by' I am not going to expand or continue my patronage until it is fixed. If someone does not fix this themselves or come up with a solution to the problem you have lost me and my review which will go across the several gamer accounts and several players gamer accounts who have relied on your service. This is your customer calling for customer service. I'm not happy with my current status of service . Please fix this now! Michael Wright

  • I have done my research for you. I agree, many many posts with others with the same issue. But it is not a server hardware issue and that is where Nitrado would assist. You are posting in a "Community Support" forum which we encourage others to help each other out with like server configuration and setup. If it was a server Hardware issue, you would contact Nitrado Support either by creating a ticket or calling them. But due to the amount of posts I have seen, it pretty clear its a game bug. Maybe more specific with the XBox server. Nitrado is unable to create game bugs as we are not the creators of the game. We can only suggest, which we have already. You may want to visit the official ARK WIki "Survive the ARK". They have an area to report possible bugs. Here is the link of the website: ARK News - ARK - Official Community Forums

    Here is another link that someone else has the same issue. But some of the info in the thread will provide more data for you.

    Xbox One Structure limits on land base - even after deleting many structures. - Bug Reports & Support - ARK - Official Community Forums

    Leaving thread open in case others in the community have additional suggestions.

    Thank you.

  • Now that is respectable response. I appreciate you doing a bit more research into this issue. I can understand that it is out of control for Nitrado currently, although it is misleading that you give us the option to change something that we can not really change. Maybe this is something that SHOULD be discussed between Nitrado and the Game Dev's at WildCard so everybody can have use of that, as it would be an awesome option. Thanks for helping, although I did reach this forum through the customer support link on the Nitrado webpage. Because I don't have skype. I have rebuilt my base although my aviary is gone and it was awesome!!!!!!! It gives me something to build again. Thanks Mikejw

  • If you have not tried this, you may want too. I found a post with this specific issue and they said it worked for them. And this is assuming you do NOT have Expert Settings enabled.

    (1) Before you do anything, do this: Go in the webUI, server, settings, Configuration Profile. Do the manual create. Name it.

    Do this cause the next step is going to do odd things you might not be familiar with.

    (2) Shutdown server. Wait 5m

    (3) Enable Expert Settings.

    (4) Look for your code, make sure it is there. If not, add it. Save, then restart.


    If the setting still is not taking, do the reverse.

    (1) Disable Expert Settings.

    (2) Restart Server (fyi- your settings will be a little off. Going back and forth between Expert and WebUI does remove/change some settings.

    (3) Once server is back up, go to Settings, Configuration Profiles.

    (4) Restore the one you just saved, reboot.

    You will be back to what you had prior.

    If the Expert Settings did work, this tells me you arent leaving the server shutdown long enough to change the ini file the traditional way. Some say 5m. I say 10-15m to be safe.

    When shutting down you can always FTP (assuming its PC), and you will see a servershut file in the directory. :)

    Everything above is what I learned running my own ARK server for a couple of years. In nearly all cases this is how you learn with ARK. Trial and Error. No simple solution for most things. Basically you do what works. ARK as with most games has issues sadly.


    Closed the thread.