Gaming server

  • With all the sell offs of mining rigs you might start seeing the ddr4 ram drop in price. I currently run a rust server with around 70-100 users. I’ve ran ark and Minecraft in the past. I can’t remember if they’re like rust but it’s very single core minded for some reason. I’ve allocated 4 cores at 80% from an i5 6600k and it likes to full throttle 80-100% one core and swap between the other three at 20-30%. Im personally looking to get some rack server to replace my dL300 series that’s power hungry with the likes of the dell r710 or newer series. Money is the issue because I want the 12+ cores and 3.0+ghz which seems to be way over my price range. Let alone the 72+gb ram I want. If you plan to expand don’t buy a tower is my recommendation. I myself realized I want to host two rust servers but I’m out of cores and can’t expand.