Lose tribe affiliation on log out. ALong with Constant 255 Ping spikes

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  • So I recently have rented an ark server (Its not my first time renting one off Nitrado) But recently I have been getting kicked out of my clan upon logging out of the server of course I can keep admin claiming structures back but lets be honest that's tedious to do everyday with getting everyone back in the clan each day. This hasn't happened on the other servers I rented previously until now. I also get a random 255 ping out of nowhere that lasts a few minutes that makes the game unplayable, Overall the last few days the server I rented has been unplayable I put a ticket in and have yet to get a reply. Is there any possible solutions?

  • Is it retaining engrams or no? I had a similar issue. Idk if I can post the link here:

    When I relog I no longer own Tribe Entities

    If it doesn't allow the link search for "when I relog I no longer own tribe entities". That's my thread for a simialr issue.

    If you could, inbox me the IP for your server as I'm curious of something.

    1. Try using a backup to fix it.

    2. Try reinstalling the game to fix it.

    *If those don't work you still want them to show in the server log as being attempted*

    3. Support Ticket:

    Take screenshots or a screen recording of you building a structure to show it is yours, then relog and take a screenshot showing you no longer own it. If your engrams reset show that as well. Submit these pictures in a support ticket with a DETAILED caption for each one, explaining the situation. Make sure to include "I already tried using a backup and reinstalling the server to fix the issue which should be visible in the server log".

    Try that. If I remember to I'll check this thread in a day or two to see if any of that helped.

  • We would not recommend #2 if this is an existing server.

    Users have reported that a reinstall wipes all previous backups. And if the server happens to hop to another server its would wipe the backups.

    #1 is the best bet, and if that fails, #3 works.