Restart Loop

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  • Not sure if this will help.

    My server has been stuck in a restart loop for a while now. i have submitted a support request but in my experience the response time is awful!

    My last ticket didn't see a response for 3 days! so i'm posting here in hopes that it might be resolved quicker, but i'll not hold mt breathe!

    any assistance would be appreciated!

  • I know the feeling, my server was doing the same. I even asked support to credit my account since the server was unusable for 3 days. When they answered my support ticket they completely ignored crediting my account or extending my server service for the 3 days; and their suggestion was to change my server name because it has special characters which is causing the issue. However there are TONS of servers on the first and second page of the community server list that use special characters and the servers are at high capacity of players 24/7. And prior to the last few days my server had been running fine.

    I then replied to the support ticket 2 more times within a 24 hour period inquiring about crediting my account and extending my service for the 3 or 4 days and never heard back from them.. Its been around 48 Hours now.

    Ignorant company with little regard to customer satisfaction or quality services to their client IMO.

  • You will probably have to reinstall the server, where you have info, settings, and tool bar on the left there is a reinstall tab below them after it is reinstalled is resets the server and it should be playable, The only thing is that the server will be wiped clean and reset to default settings and will need to be change back any settings that changed