Mod Installation

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  • I have been trying to get mods installed on my server but so far no luck. I moved the @CF and @Fast Travel; directories into the root and copied the keys into the keys folder and added [email protected];@Fast Travel; to the base settings additional mods and restarted the server. subscribed to the CF and fats travel mods in the workshop and loaded them in the dayz launcher but I am getting this error.

    "client contains pbo which is not part of server data"

    I am positive I am doing something wrong but I am at a loss,any guidance would be appreciated.

  • I'm not sure mods are supported on Nitrado. I could be wrong. Not much help from google or searching here on the forums. If anyone has info on how to install mods on a PC server, please let me know if you know how to install mods on PC servers hosted by Nitrado on Discord @Twizzy#8433

    I'll be calling customer support tomorrow to get more information.

  • Not much help from google or searching here on the Forums“

    Look at the german Nitrado forums, lot of help there.

    Maybe use Google translate

    Nitrado servers allow mods.

    You have to subscribe mods in Steam Workshop, save them as local mod on your computer, upload local mod to server, upload key to server, call them in Nitrado webinterface base settings additional mods .


    You have to load the mods as client as well.

  • bonjour,

    je pense qu il ne manque pas le pbo mais qu il ne le charge pas a cause d une petite erreur , sur le panel nitrado au paramètres de base supplémentaires mods il ne faut pas ajouter

    -mod = @ CF; @Fast Voyage mais juste @ CF;@Fast Voyage comme la ecrit Jaeger90Patriot, tu copie le nom du dossier du mod et tu le colle direct tel quel dans paramètres de base mods supplémentaires en les separant juste d un point virgule ; .

    Sinon les mods sont tres bien supporté chez nitrado mon serveur tourne avec seize mods sans soucis et je me suis basé sur le wikinitrado pour savoir comment les instaler peace.