Offline Raid Protection wipes server?

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  • So I was making some minor updates to my server and one of them changed it so that "PreventOfflinePVP=True" instead of false and it reset the server back to day 1 and restoring backups had had no success. Now it's in a restart loop. Does ORP do that to the server normally or is it likely some other change that's causing the problem? Or is this just another case of "Ark being Ark" and I need to file a ticket?

  • I cant answer that but my FS 19 server went into the never ending restart today and I lost everything. Just spent the last four hours trying to get it set up again but all in game data (saves) are gone and starting all over.

    If you find a reason why this happened or where to find/recover the save game from let me know please.

  • Since this is an ARK topic thread, no making that change would not reset the files on the server. It could have though reset the clock on the server. I have had that happen before as well.

    You could create a ticket if you want Nitrado Support to look more into it.